How to Clean a Gravestone

Have you ever wondered how to clean an ancestor’s or family member’s headstone without damaging it? Or perhaps, you’ve seen a blackened or lichen-laced stone in a local cemetery and thought of volunteering to clean it. If so, you are welcome to attend this free public program sponsored by the New Ipswich Historical Society. Kim Black will explain the proper methods for cleaning gravestones and the protocol for seeking permission to clean those belonging to non-family members. The presentation will include recent photographs of Carl Toko’s and Kim’s work on historic grave markers in New Ipswich’s oldest public cemetery on Porter Hill

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  1. John M Poltrack Avatar

    I bought some D2 but it might still be too cold in this April for it to be effective. I’ll have to ask Carl about it. I’m happy to see that there is a comment field on this website.

    1. Emari Traffie Avatar

      I’m happy to see you are commenting!

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