Winter 2019 Energy Efficiency

One of the most challenging issues facing owners of older and historic homes is how to make the home more energy efficient without damaging or compromising its historic architecture and fabric. Much of the information available to homeowners on energy conservation and retrofitting does not account for the possible significance or age of the structure. Learn about making green improvements to older houses without damaging historic fabric. Sally Zimmerman, Senior Preservation Services Manager at Historic New England, will present a historic preservation perspective on insulation, window repair, air sealing, and energy options in the historic home.

About Sally Zimmerman: Senior Preservation Services Manager, an architectural historian and formerly Preservation Planner at the Cambridge (MA) Historical Commission, manages Historic Homeowner services which provides technical assistance to old house owners, including help with paint color selection. She is a frequent speaker on period appropriate paint colors, and on energy conservation in old houses, and is a co-author of “Painting Historic Exteriors: Colors, Application, and Regulation.”

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