The Society has several special programs to educate, enlighten, and entertain our members and visitors, focusing on some aspect of New Ipswich History. As they are scheduled, programs will be listed here, so check back to see what’s happening.

You can also see what you have missed by scrolling down to see our program archive.

Upcoming Programs

Past Programs

  • Summer 2020 Lizards in the Hayloft

    Presented by Lizards in the Hayloft Where: Barrett House (79 Main Street, New Ipswich) When: 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Meeting Agenda

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  • Winter Program 2020, New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell

    Presented by Pamela Weeks Where: New Ipswich Library, 6 Main Street, New Ipswich, NH 03071 When: February 25th at 6:30 p.m. New England Quilts and the Stories They Tell: Presented by Pamela Weeks Quilts tell stories, and quilt history is full of myths and misinformation as well as heartwarming tales of service and tradition. Quilting…

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  • Winter 2019 Energy Efficiency

    One of the most challenging issues facing owners of older and historic homes is how to make the home more energy efficient without damaging or compromising its historic architecture and fabric. Much of the information available to homeowners on energy conservation and retrofitting does not account for the possible significance or age of the structure.…

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  • Summer 2019 Photo Exhibit

    The New Ipswich Historical Society invites the public to a photography exhibitand its annual meeting….Through the Lens of Time: People and Places of New Ipswich The exhibit consists of thirty three 11” x 17” prints curated from among hundreds in the NIHS collection, many of which were acquired when the Society received a donation of…

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  • Spring 2019 Car Talk

    Presented by: When: Where:

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  • Summer 2018

    Presented by: Mark Haines When: August 23rd 7:00 pm Where: On August 23rd at 7:00 p.m., Mark Haines of Ashby MA, will give a talk about New England barns. His topics will include construction, dating, disassembling, rebuilding, re-purposing, and restoration of old barns. *screenshot picture from program*

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  • Winter 2018

    Presented by: Kevin Gardner When: January 25th 7:00 pm Where: New Ipswich Library The New Ipswich Historical Society invited the public to a free presentation given by Kevin Gardner (of Hopkington) “Discovering New England Stone Walls.”

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  • 12,000 Years Ago in the Granite State

    Presented by: Dr. Robert Goodby When: April 21st at 7:00 pm Where: The Library The New Ipswich Historical Society cordially invites the public to a free lecture given by Dr. Robert Goodby of Franklin Pierce University. He will speak about a recent archeological discovery that adds significant detail to the rich history of our state…

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  • Summer 2015

    Presented by: Jennifer Goodman When: July 18-19 Where: 79 Main Street Two- day event at the New Ipswich Historical Society, and Historic New England’s Barrett House. Both Days: The Society will be open from noon until 4:00 p.m. Barrett House will also be open for downstairs-only tours on those days. The overall objective of the…

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