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Sanborn Churn and Butter Worker, ca. 1865

Charles and George W. Taylor made this horizontal butter churn at their mill in Smith Village. The stencilled inscription on the side of the churn tells us that it was invented by J. F. Sanborn—who patented his design on June 27, 1865. You can read the original patent papers, as published in the Patent Gazette, to find out what was new and different about Sanborn’s design (use your backspace key to return to this page).  

Gift of Gwyn Baldwin.

Sanborn Churn and Butter Worker ca 1865
Sanborn Churn and Butter Worker ca 1865
Jul 14, 2015
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Center Village Historic District

 The Center Village of New Ipswich is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. If you want to see some of the houses included, as well as a map of the District and a complete listing of all properties included, go to our new Center Village Historic District page.


New Ipswich in the Civil War

 During the American Civil War, New Ipswich people served both on the battlefield and at home. One resident, Lydia Clark O'Bear, even wrote a book about the contributions of townsfolk to the war effort. For more information, see our new Civil War pages.


Photo of the century: Our forebears


NI Historical Society 1906
NI Historical Society 1906

The Way We were, 1906 Group photo of the Historical Society, taken in 1906.

The photo was labelled "Cranford Company, 1906."

Does anyone know what that was, or where this picture was taken?

Back row, l to r: Hattie McKown, Prof. Poore, Abbie Phelps; 2nd row: Abby Beard, Mrs. Samuel Thayer, Ettie Taylor, Miss Marie Lindberg (a teacher), Annie Thayer, Miss Lee, Ella Walker, Lizzie Crowell; kneeling: Arthur Thayer, Edna Hudson.

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